eBay Fraud

eBay fraud is not as significant an issue as eBay beginners worry it might be. The vast majority of eBay buyers and sellers are honest citizens.

The eBay Fraud Protection Program protects buyers up to $175.

If you feel that you have been a victim of eBay fraud, follow the eBay Fraud Protection Eligibility Checklist and Claims Process.

For more information on the eBay Fraud Protection Program, read the eBay Fraud Protection Program F.A.Q.

Squaretrade offers a free and independent dispute resolution service to eBay buyers and sellers. Squaretrade is an honest broker for eBay buyers or sellers who feel that they may have been victims of eBay fraud.

CarBuyingTips.com offers a comprehsive (and frightening) Consumer Guide To Avoiding eBay Fraud, Escrow Internet Fraud, Check Fraud, Auto Fraud, and Nigerian Scams.

Tips to Protect Yourself against eBay Fraud

eBay offers the following tips to prevent becoming a victin of eBay fraud:

  • Review your seller’s feedback.
  • Ask your seller questions about the item you are considering before placing a bid or buying by using the “Ask seller a question” link on the item page.
  • Be sure that you understand the seller’s refund and return policies before you bid or buy.
  • Understand the shipping charges and other details before you bid or buy.
  • Choose to insure your item from mail damage or loss if the seller offers this option.
  • Verify your seller’s contact information before sending payment.
  • Make sure your method of payment offers protection. PayPal is the safest way to pay on eBay, and most sellers accept it.
  • Never bid on listings where the seller only accepts cash or instant cash wire transfer. It is safer to avoid this type of transaction.
  • Avoid unsolicited offers.
  • Use caution when considering escrow. To avoid being deceived by fraudulent escrow services, only use www.escrow.com, eBay’s approved escrow service. Escrow is available for any purchase, but typically is used for purchases of $500 or more.
  • Keep a record of all purchases.