eBay Germany

eBay Germany was acquired from Alando in June of 1999.

eBay Germany features many customizations for customers from Germany, including registration pages that accommodate Germany postcodes, special categories for Germany collecting favourites, and new facilities enabling Germany users to browse and search items by geography.

The eBay Germany Toolbar

The eBay Germany Toolbar enables eBay Germany users to search for items on eBay Germany, to watch auctions on eBay Germany, and to receive automted notifications of auctions that are about to end on eBay Germany.

Register on eBay Germany

Register on eBay Germany to begin buying and selling at eBay Germany.

eBay Germany in English

You can view much of eBay Germany in English by using Google Translate. The easest way to do this is to use our pebuilt link: eBay Germany in English.

Once there, click “Remove Frame” for an optimal viewing experience.