eBay Sniper

An eBay sniper is a person or program who watches eBay auctions which are about to close and places a bid at the last possible moment.

eBay snipers do this because they worry that if they bid on an item, the bid prices will go up for that item. The goal of the eBay sniper is to win the eBay bid process — without causing the items price to rise.

For example, let’s say that you see a very rare antique harmonica on eBay. You want to win the auction for the harmonica. You know the harmonica is worth around $500, but the current winning bid is $50. You fear that if you bid on the marmonica, your interest will start a bidding war which will force you to pay more for the harmonica. So, you wait until the auction is about to close and then you place your bid at the last possible moment. Congratulations, you are now an eBay sniper.

eBay Sniper Software

Perhaps you want to be an eBay sniper, but you don’t want to stay up until the auction you are watching closes at 1am. Several software packages automate the process of being an eBay sniper for you.

Popular eBay sniper packages include EZSniper, PowerSnipe, BidNapper, JustSnipe, eBay Snipe, and Auction Sniper.